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Moved by intelligence

You need brawn to move goods. But you need brains to move it intelligently.

Strategy is key to everything we do at Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions. It’s the only way we can have an impact on the 80 per cent of transportation decisions that are made before a truck ever leaves your site. And it’s the only way we can guarantee you’ll achieve the cost savings we propose.

Our goal is to know your business like an insider. From the guy on the loading dock to the gal in the corner office to the driver behind the wheel, we speak the language, understand the objectives, manage the constraints and seize the opportunities.

Think of us as the transportation and warehouse management department you wish you had. The one that uses real-time data to develop proactive solutions. The one that’s committed to continuous improvement, as taught by Lean Six Sigma and measured by your KPIs. The one with expertise on the realities of doing business in Canada and the freedom to select suppliers based on your best interests. The one that cares about your customers as much as you do.

We’re the brains behind supply chain solutions that turn costs into profits. Let us put our brains to work for you.



Supplier relationships across Canada



Supplier relationships across North America

The brain trust

Every member of the Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions leadership team believes in the power of supply chain management to transform businesses for the better—and when it was clear that Canadian manufacturers and distributors were suffering from a lack of Canadian supply chain expertise, they answered the call. As 4PL providers with deep roots in the industry, including founding one of the largest transportation management companies in North America, they want to be the go-to provider for any company with a complex Canadian supply chain.

Doug Tozer Founding Partner

“When I started in transportation in 1978, we used telex machines to send messages quickly. When I founded Wheels Group a decade later, data came in banker's boxes. Now we use powerful transportation management software. What hasn’t changed is my need to find the right solution for the customer's problem. Today I do it by finding the best people and letting them run the amusement park."

Brian Ware Managing Director

“After years of learning about the many Canadian supply chain challenges faced by manufacturers and shippers across North America, I observed a major gap in the Canadian market. I am so excited to be a part of this organization - truly focused on providing customers with the very best people, process, suppliers, and technology to drive waste out and support growth in this unique Canadian market.”

Lisa Molinaro Director, 4PL Operations

“I am passionate about solving supply chain problems and executing the outcome. I joined the Cedric Millar Integrated Solutions group in order to work with like-minded individuals who share the same passion. As a 4PL provider, we will develop collaborative solutions to create flow and eliminate waste in a customer’s supply chain. As true partners, we will share our goals, risks, and successes with our customers and our suppliers.”

Canadian tech with global reach

Our made-in-Canada technology is critical to optimizing supply chains. It gives us—and you—complete visibility into your network and integrates with many CRM, ERP, telematics, financial and customer service platforms to help you be more productive and keep your customers happy. It facilitates collaboration, gets data into the right hands for evidence-based decision-making and keeps everyone in the loop.

  • Online track and trace
  • Rates and tariffs portal
  • Document management portal
  • Email notifications for order events
  • Synchronize accounting data to apps like QBO
  • Integrate systems via RESTful API or EDI
  • Augment your TMS with AI and machine learning
  • Automatic document upload and times from drivers
  • Freight consolidation
  • Collaborative loading/co-mingling
  • Load design tool
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Multi-currency shipments
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